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An integrated branding agency to unlock your brand value.

Underline is an integrated branding agency, specialising in Brand Strategy, Identity Development and Brand Activation. We deliver expert brand design, strategy and communications, following in-depth consultations so we understand your brand values and needs. We listen to you and look at your digital presence, we advise and deliver services based on our vast experience and technical knowledge; that’s how we help you to achieve success.

We leverage brand intelligence to develop meaningful content and engage people with actionable brand experiences that spark human connection. Turning stories into conversations, impressions into relationships and campaigns into results.

Brand Strategy

A brand’s look, feel and tone of voice is as important as its identity. We develop creative brand strategies that support the development of brand advertising and awareness across all communication channels. Developing a creative brand strategy that is fit for purpose, up to date and distinctive is key to establishing all marketing communications.

Brand Identity Development

As a brand identity agency, we help companies develop a brand identity that is a coherent articulation of their unique brand values, personality traits and aspirations. This enables them to create a clearly definable position that connects with their customers, helping them grow their businesses.


Whether a business requires subtle changes to positioning, wording, logos and styling, or wants to breathe new life into a tired brand identity, we have the skills and perspective to make the rebranding process inspiring and commercially successful with all stakeholders.

Brand Guidelines

A brand guideline is a reference book for the storytellers, designers and marketers charged with communicating the brand. It’s about getting the right balance of consistency with creativity. As a reputable branding agency, we create a definitive document that illustrates the nuts and bolts of the brand and tells a story that everyone can buy into.

Packaging Design

From coffee cups to corporate gift-wrapping, beer labels and wine labels to sandwich boxes and event goody bags, we create unique branded packaging that carries products and brand messages safely into hands, hearts and minds. It’s our job to help new brands stand out in the marketplace and make successful brands even stronger.

It's called Intelligent Creative.

Our team is guided by creativity, technical know-how, industry best practice and data-driven research.

We ensure each and every project is treated with the utmost importance by focusing on strategic decisions that benefit your digital presence and growth. Ensuring that your digital presence is relevant and engaging in an ever-changing and highly competitive digital world is our goal.

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We partner with businesses who aspire to unlock the unique value of their brand.

We work alongside clients as their brand partner to help them walk fast and get where they need to be. We think clever thoughts. We create great brands. We deliver real results. No smoke and mirrors. No agency fluff.

From initial name development to undertaking brand guardianship, we love getting involved and adding value to the way people see, experience and interact with brands.

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